“Digital Disruption, Do or Die”

What does ‘digital’ really mean? It’s a term that’s often used to describe a collection of many thoughts. Digital isn’t something you can simply ‘buy in’ or adopt overnight.

At Dimension Data, we believe that embracing ‘digital’ is about building a truly customer-centric business models on IT ─ the network, data centre, applications, and other infrastructure ─ which may be on-premise, or cloud-based.

The digital business model is agile, it’s cost effective, it’s global, and it can scale. And the time to embrace it is NOW! For some, the digital age is creating a degree of uncertainty … but it’s also opening the doors to exciting possibilities. We believe it’s an era of infinite potential.

There’s no such thing as a digital strategy – just strategy in a digital world

Truly digital businesses are ones that have their customers firmly in their sights. Their entire business models are focused on tracking consumers as they move through the world. So disruptors aren’t the ones that own the technology … they’re the ones that own the customer.

Impact on Manufacturing

It’s inevitable that Manufacturers must embrace digital transformation in their supply chains to drive positive returns today while preparing for possible disruption tomorrow. Innovation transformation results when the product model is constantly fed by data from multiple parts of the business – customers, sales, marketing, product management, engineering, R&D, supply chain, service, and manufacturing, including the physical assets and layout of a manufacturing plant. Leveraging this information during product development enables more flexibility and agility in meeting changing demand, market shifts and competitive pressures.

Harnessing Technology

Dimension Data helps you harness the transformative power of technology to achieve great things in the digital era. The four areas of digital technology we focus on are: digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, and cybersecurity.

The Technology Summit will showcase a panel of esteemed speakers and industry experts to guide you down the path to Digital Business. The highlight of the conference is an extensive presentation of current case studies and demo.

Watch our video to brief you about the contents of the summit and understand the importance of your presence or visit Digital Infrastructure Microsite.

Who should attend: IT Decision Makers / IT Planning & Business Development / IT Operations & Business Process Transformation

Why businesses need to be digitally ready?
0815-0900 Registration & Breakfast
0900-0910 Welcome Message

by Henrick Choo, Managing Director, Dimension Data Malaysia
0910-0930 Keynote Address – Digital Disruption, Do or Die
Digital technologies are rapidly changing customer expectations and disrupting the established ways of doing business. As digital disruption transforms the operating landscape in every industry at a speed and with a magnitude that cannot be ignored. They are able to scale their business very quickly and leverage on innovations to gain market share that challenges the incumbents that cling to predominantly physical business models.

Understand the key trends in the market that drive acceleration of digital initiatives
  • Opportunities for innovation and business growth
  • Lessons from successful digital disruptors
  • Developing a digital disruption business strategy
by Sandy Woo, Solutions Director, Dimension Data Malaysia
0930-1020 Dimension Data : Hyper Collaboration for Swifter Business Decisions
Is your team on the same page when it comes to collaboration?

Faster time to market – The successful launch of a new product requires many functions like product management, contract manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, and even advertising agencies to work closely together. Delays in product launches can cost millions of loss in market opportunities. Hence, the need for collaboration to bring together teams from different time zones and geographies to bring best practices and faster turnaround times to product launches.

by Tiew Chee Leong, Team Lead - Communications, Dimension Data Malaysia.
1020-1100 COFFEE-BREAK
Executing a digital strategy
1100-1200 Panel Discussion 1 – Industrial 4.0 and IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) will bring even greater acceleration of networking connectivity, in the production process and supply chain, and throughout all business processes. Businesses that respond to these innovations and move toward improved inter-connectivity can become more globally competitive and ultimately lead in their market.

by Steve Blackwell, Enterprise Architect - Manufacturing, DDAP + John Galang, Director of Operations Management, Cisco Malaysia + NetApp + Manufacturing Client

Moderated by Sandy Woo, Solutions Director, Dimension Data Malaysia
1200-1230 Cisco : Digitisation – Driving Innovation and Outcomes
Organisations of all types and sizes are leveraging the power of technology to create new business models, disrupt value chains, and create new products and services. Digital business transformation offer more opportunities than ever to excite customers as well as employees with services and experiences that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Don’t miss the opportunities digitisation brings.

by John Galang, Director of Operations Management, Cisco Malaysia.
1230-1400 LUNCH BREAK
1400-1430 Dimension Data : Network with Digital Ambition - Start small, Start right
Are your networks up to the ambitions of digital business? Today, it’s all about honing your ability to exploit data and finding ways to turn it into business value.

Once you’ve clarified your data-related aspirations, the next step is to adopt a business-focused approach to building your infrastructure to support them. Business imperatives such as strategy and changing operating models must be matched with fit-for-purpose infrastructure that supports the new data paradigm and apply their minds to how they bring cloud, virtualisations, networks, analytics and security together to enable the business. To succeed in the digital world is to ensure that you first look at the business outcomes you’re looking to achieve, and leverage technology as the enabler. Unleash the power of data today.

by Lim Char Boo, Software Defined Networks Specialist, Dimension Data Asia Pacific
1430 -1500 Enabling your organisation to be Digitally Skilled
Next Generation Skills is critical as organisation transform themselves into the Digital world. One of the most neglected areas are skills needed for their staff to support this transformation. IT team and Lines of business need to be “re-trained” to better support adoption of new technology. Understand how you can customise and implement User Adoption training within your organisation to pace on-going learning.

by Jonathan Lee, Senior Manager, Alliance and Consulting, Training Services APAC
1500 -1530 Dimension Data : Realise Your Digital Vision through Outcome based Services
Everyone wants a consistent application experience, regardless of what infrastructure sits underneath the workload. Companies are increasingly using hybrid cloud as a managed service platform to achieve this. As cloud adoption continues to rise, the industry is moving beyond simple self-service portals for provisioning infrastructure to managed services platforms that are completely software based.

Hosting your business IT assets on cloud or relying on a dedicated infrastructure or a combination of these two assets require tight integration through a secure network and various service management tools.

Delivering end-to-end complex to simple managed services at higher scale/efficiency /quality is what Dimension Data do best. Engage us to find out more.

by Alex Yee, Team Lead - Data Center and Storage, Dimension Data Malaysia
1530-1600 COFFEE-BREAK
1600-1700 Dimension Data : Cybersecurity for the Digital Age
Delivering a digital infrastructure enables many benefits to your business, while introducing more complexity and widening the attack surface of your company, no longer is sufficient to secure the edge. Agile companies think about and plan for a full lifecycle of data security. How do you assess, comply and manage in the new digital age?

Panel Discussion 2 – Are you breached?
Most businesses are dependent on mobility and on hybrid cloud mode. How do you establish effective information governance for better quality, privacy and security?

by Ng Tuck Bin, Team Lead - Security, Dimension Data Malaysia + Dan Tan , Mobility Channel Manager, CheckPoint + David Rajoo, Director - Systems Engineer, Symantec Malaysia

Moderated by Yamin Prabudy, Security Business Development Manager, Dimension Data Asia Pacific
1700 END

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